Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Banned Agent Provocateur Kylie Advert

Remember this Kylie advert for agent provocateur ? Hot Hot Hot ! These guys make some fab lingerie and I may feature other stuff by then in the future. Their products are made for spanko's so check this out, and enjoy !

I think I would quite like Kylie Minogue to spank me, treating me like the rodeo .... what do you think ?




Spanked by Sweetsong - How does he perform ?

This is how one person would like to spank me - used verbatim - let me know your thoughts

Well Lucy, first of all I'd need to tell you off for being such a very naughty girl. Of course you'd be standing in front of me, head bowed and hands neatly folded in front of you, suitably contrite and aware that you deserved the punishment you were about to receive.

Then I'd sit on the couch and ask you to lie across my lap with your face turned towards me so that I could monitor your reaction to the spanking. I would then lift your skirt right up over your back to reveal your panties; I would smooth your panties over your bottom and then deliver four sharp smacks, two on each cheek. They wouldn't be too hard, just enough to make you realise that this wasn't going to be fun.

I would then spank you hard for a full minute, ignoring your whimpers and the little shufflings of your bottom on my lap. I would then give you a moment to absorb the pain before pulling your panties down to your knees.

Your pretty bottom would be quite pink by now, and I would admire it for a moment before getting down to the serious part of the punishment. I would now give you a full five minutes of hard spanking, alternating cheeks and making sure that every part of your bottom received equal attention. If I was doing my job properly you would be crying by now, but I would ignore that. You might also be writhing around too much, so I might need to put my right leg over your legs to hold you in position. Whatever your reaction, I would make sure that you received the full measure of your punishment.

At this point I would need to check that you weren't actually enjoying the spanking, so I would slip my hand between your legs to check that your pussy wasn't wet. If it was, I would have to consider caning you to really drive the punishment home. If not, I would put you in the corner for ten minutes with your hands on your head, your skirt pinned up and your knickers down around your ankles, while you thought about what had just happened to you and how you could avoid it happening in the future.

If I had done my job properly I wouldn't be seeing you in my study again for quite some time. Unfortunately, you are such a naughty girl that I've a feeling I would be putting you over my knee again very soon...

Wow .. what do you guys think, well written ? Should Sweetsong M Switch write for me again ? In the same way ? Please let me know xxx

I am back - how long depends on you and YOU

So I have been away for a while. Facebook didn't like my profile and wouldn't tell me why which was a crying shame. Anyway, I am thinking about blogging about my naughtyness and activities again - though I think some small changes are needed

I will have some guest bloggers and guest written content. I'll try to post lots in addition. Maybe more, shorter posts. I would love to make this more interactive and welcome any ideas on how to do this

The Lucy Confides facebook group is here so please do sign up, join us and share in your fun and naughtyness

Remember - tell me what to do - is this a good idea? How do you want me to be beaten? What should be changed ?

Speak soon



Saturday, 19 January 2008

A hangover leads to an awesome spanking

I went out last night, not just for a quick drink either. Dinner n drinks with a group of friends at a local eaterie. Drinks, food, drinks, drinks and a few more drinks later on, just for good measure. There was 8 of us and the two couples - half our group went home - to do couply things like sleep and argue over who squeezed the toothpaste tube the wrong way. Maybe some awesome decibel defying sex as well. Maybe the couples are super kinky -do they spank? BDSM ? I digress slightly just I don't ever really imagine these four people having sex. Hmm well they did leave at the same time, maybe shared a taxi - goddamit if they were all having sex without me I will be very upset - would loved to have watched them in fact. Sorry, my mind is random and dirty today.

So, 4 down, 4 left. I was in high spirits by this stage and we were all having a very dirty chat (which in a noisy late night bar probably meant we were shouting about sex) . One conversation was talking about what we thought of when we wanked and played with ourselves (which everyone I know must do) when James said he had actually thought about me being spanked by him only this week.

Pregnant pause

After that, with me feeling a little bit moist with anticipation the conversation really started to open up - Susie and Mark both single - admitted what we all secretly knew - they were occasional 'booty calls' - me mentioning some girl on girl fun I recently had (they seemed to not know - though of course know I like boys and girls - ) Drunken chat gets me a little horny. Drunken sexy chat makes me very horny. Drunken sexy chat with James who I have always thought of as great potential fuckbuddy material who wanted to do rude and naughty things with me had now saturated my little white cotton panties.

Now it was late, if sex was to happen before people slept it was to be soon and as expected Mark and Susie left to probably fuck each others brains out before daybreak. James and I chatted whilst we finished our drinks. Now was not the time to be subtle so when James invited me back to his place, for a final drink, I really didn't need to see the glint in his eye - this was an invitation to live out his wanking fantasy and I wanted to do it. Now.

We walked the 25 minutes walk back to James place in about 15. It was a little cold and we were in a little bit of a hurry. As my legs are shorter I walk a little slower so every so often J would give my bum a little smack to gee me on.

On entering his flat he slammed the door shut and threw me against the wall. One of his legs went inbetween my legs and he moved up hard against me. Hard he was too and I was loving it. He then planted his lips on my face and we almost sucked each others faces in the fun and sloppy, desperate and impatient way drunken snogs can be.

I wrenched him away by pushing him back a little put my index and fore finger to his mouth in a 'shhh' sign and unzipped him. His cock was hard and he was not arguing with the speed at which we were moving from 1st to 3rd base. I took his hard cock in my right hand like a relay baton and walked the erection into his sitting room.

Seeing his sofa I sat on it and took him in my mouth. I do quite enjoy sucking cock and this time was no different. I quite like to squeeze a guys testicles gently as I roll my tongue around the head of his penis (am sure there are some very technical words - sorry I don't know them) I furiously masturbated his cock whilst sucking and licking him (sorry - whatever they do in porn, my little mouth areas are not designed for deep throat - and James is quite a big boy) .

I took a breather to tell him to pull my hair whilst I was sucking, which he did, practically throwing my head against his groin pulling the follicles from my head. My already damp knickers were now soaking and I continued felating him more furiously until he came, which is always a shock however many times you give head.

He now knew it was my 'turn' and dragged me by the hair to bend me over the sofa. He put his hand into my jeans and found my pants and pulled them up causing a little wedgie. He told me to 'shut up' and raised his hand. I braced in anticipation as his hand came crashing down on my right buttock. Again. Again. Again.

'Don't ignore my left buttock' I requested. Back came 'Shut up and say thank you' as he spanked my right buttock harder. He then told me to take off my jeans (and boots) as I stood there in my sodden panties half hitched up my arse and pussy.

.... to be continued later - xx

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Ask Lucy what you want to See

Firstly, apologies for the delay in updating the blog it has been quite busy in my little corner of the world. I would like to make this blog a little more interactive


What would you like to see or hear ? More stories, guest posts from some of my friends (male and female) ? Pictures (what of) . Feel free to send me your stories and pictures

More Facebook interactivity - a group on facebook perhaps ?

More regular themes - like who I want to spank me ?

I have some friends in the webworld - would a proper web forum be of interest to talk confidentially and intimately ?

Please, do contact me and leave a message on this blog. You can leave comments here and link back toyour website, your blog, your facebook profile or nothing at all

So - please leave me feedback and comments. The more comments the more I will post.

Tell me what you want & I will try and give it to you !

Speak up and leave me some feedback, comments and love !


Lucy xxxx

Lucy Confides

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Lucy Liu - I want you to spank me

Now, I am starting to get back on track. Back to me. And another Lucy.

Lucy Lui a fine and sexy Hollywood actress

I remember her as Ling in the Ally McBeal series. In the more recent Charlies Angels films. Not forgetting 'Kill Bill' She does appear to have a feisty, naughty, dominant persona - well her characters do anyway. Her hobbies are listed as rock climbing, skiing and horseback riding. Fabulous.

Lucy Lui - I imagine her wearing a dark / black trouser suit with a long full length over coat. Some kick-ass heels underneath. Large black full rimmed sunglasses and her hair straight and hanging. A (faux) fur trimmed hat and black leather gloves would finish off her outfit.

She may even start by kicking my butt !

What would she use to beat me? Anything lying around. I think a gloved hand to start, and then use the gloves to whack me. Then her bare hands.

Lucy Lui, I would love you to spank me


Lucy Fanshaw

If anyone has an idea for a spanker, please do let me know

Time for Lucy to take a break from blogging, for a few hours

p.s. update - lets not forget the Lucy Lui Ally McBeal kissing scene

Tom wants an older Lady

I get a lot of messages from Facebook -sadly far too many to read all of them or to reply to. I do check them and if the title is interesting or the little content preview FB gives you is interesting the chances are I will read it and reply. I do try to reply to as many messages as possible just I do get the odd random abusive one which is deleted with the person added to my banned list. Simply writing 'Hi' or 'I wanna sex u' is not going to command much of a reply. I have replied to most people who just write saying 'Hi' though the volume and frequency is becoming too much.

One mail I did reply to came from Tom Cunningham. Now he broke all the rules. He is a man on facebook without a picture (really even a sunset is more interesting to reply to than the FB question mark). He also didn't write anything in the subject. Tom - apologies, I am not having a go - I did read your mail and as promised will share it here to see if anyone is interested .

Firstly Tom tells me he is an 18 year old man. His profile on facebook is here

He wrote to me not about me but asking for help. Well, I thought it seemed a fairly genuine message so here it is

"hey lucy, u seem pretty well established here on facebook and Im new, I wondered if u knew any sexy older ladies i could chat to"

My interest was piqued. I am a 22 year old girl, he was practically asking to go on a date with my aged aunt or grandmothers. I also get a lot of attention & this was not about me !

After I asked him what is 'older' or what he wanted ?

"looking around the 40s and 50s, anywhere in the south. thanks a lot xxx"

So, there you have it. If you are a Lady in the south of England, in her 40's or 50's, looking for a toyboy, maybe Tom is your man ? I do not know Tom, I have never spoken to him apart from a random message on FB. I am not giving Tom my seal of approval and I am not setting up as a matchmaker, just these brief few lines I found of interest - and thought you guys might too.

Just a note - please anyone looking to meet people off the internet or anywhere - do a lot of research, meet after you trust the person after a long period of emails, msn, telephone or webcam. Make sure you have proof of who the person is. If you are meeting someone make sure other people know where you are going and what you are doing. Meet in a public open place. Just be safe xxxx

If anyone else has any advice for random meets, please post here or get in contact and I will update it

Love, Lucy